Thursday, September 3, 2015

Mommy's jealous!

We met a cat this morning.

While Kaiya was fixating him, he started to breath intensely and vomited.

...well, that was


Kaiyaさんが興味津々で見てる中 ゲボっ吐いた猫に私がビックリ・・・(^^;)

During the night walk at the dog park, Kaiya's being a guard watching surroundings! :)

夜の散歩の時は ドッグランで外を見張るKaiyaさん(^^)

And after the night walk, Kaiya's cuddling with daddy!!!!!

Lately, daddy's been at home 24/7 with Kaiya.

I think that's why she likes daddy a lot!

Kaiya, daddy and I were on the sofa chilling but she was on daddy's side!!! :(

I'm little jealous of know....since Kaiya's a girl who almost never cuddles.

そしてそして 最近ダディがずっと家にいてKaiyaと四六時中一緒にいるから




っていうか ダディにくっついてる・・・


・・・うらやましい・・・マミー ヤキモチやき中

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