Monday, September 28, 2015

Morning walks on weekend

I love weekends.

I don't have to work in the morning so I can sleep in a little

and Kaiya and I don't have to hurry home from walk so I won't be late for work.

We can take a walk as long as we want :)


朝から仕事がないから ゆっくり寝れるし

朝の散歩も時間に追われて 急いで帰らなくてもいいし


On Saturday morning, although I was little tired since I've been working way too much lately, 

I let Kaiya decide where to go.

Sometimes she sits and tells me "Mommy, not that way! We are going this way!" lol

Eventually, it became a 2-hour walk and Kaiya and I had a good nap before I left to work ;)

土曜日の朝は 最近仕事三昧でお疲れモードな私だったけど



"マミー そっちじゃない!こっち行くんだよ" 的なそぶりで教えてくれた(笑)

結局 2時間くらいの散歩になっちゃって 

仕事行く前に 私もKaiyaもいい昼寝ができたぁ!(^o^)

On Sunday morning, I felt like it's time to go back to the woods to let Kaiya run.

Now it's gotten colder and I didn't think there would be a lot of wild animals, 

especially rabbits which Kaiya loves to run after and give me a hard time.

I guessed it right.  Kaiya didn't find any rabbits and didn't go off like she did in summer.

It's been a long time so the woods changed and seemed less green and covered with autumn color.

It was just quiet and nice walk in the woods today!

日曜の朝は いつもの森へ レッツゴー!

最近 大分寒くなってきたから もう夏のように野生動物(特にウサギ)も

あまりいないだろうと思って Kaiyaを森で走らせてあげることにした!

ウサギさん出現すると Kaiyaが追いかけまわして こっちが大変だから

暫く行くのはお預けしてたけど 今日の私のフィーリング正解!

ウサギは出てこないから 静かでゆったりな散歩が森でできたぁ〜

前回から大分たってるから 森も秋しように変わってて 

緑が減って 秋の色が大分増えてたなぁ

これからは ちょくちょく森に遊びに行こっと!(^^)

As soon as I sat down, Kaiya came and sat right next to me
and waited for me to pet her :p

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  1. う~ん!! マミーのなぜなぜ大好き Kaiya~!!