Sunday, September 6, 2015

Hiding under the seats

We went out to IKEA today!!

I forgot it was saturday until I saw long long lines at the cashier.

Anyways, recently I moved Kaiya's crate in our bedroom to where it's closer to our bed.

Since then she started to sleep in it and hasn't been back to under the bed where used to be her favorite place to sleep.

But today she was little timid and hiding herself under something...

under the bench when we were waiting for the buss

under the seats when we were on the bus. :(


電車とバスに乗って行ってきたけど さすが土曜日めっちゃ混んでたぁぁぁ!

最近Kaiyaさんのクレートの場所を変えたら ちゃんとそこで寝るようになって


今日はちょっとビビリのKaiyaさん 下に戻った!!

バス待ってるときもベンチの下 バスに乗ったときも座席の下


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