Thursday, September 24, 2015

Morning rain

Raining this morning.

I guess Kaiya's not happy about walking in the rain either.

She doesn't look lively and enthusiastic :(


なんとなく Kaiyaさんもしんどそーに歩く(笑)

But when we reached the park, she started to dig and press her nose down in it and smell.

Dig and smell.  Dig and smell.

I wonder what it was that she was after.

公園に着いたら 一生懸命ホリホリ始めた!

掘っては めっちゃ臭いをかいで 掘っての繰り返し


Yep! I knew this was gonna happen.

Look at your nose Kaiya!

うわ〜 まぁこうなりますよねぇ〜

鼻の頭 泥んこいっぱいだぁ〜(^^;)

She didn't run at her favorite spot...very weird.

Instead, she just stood still and looked far away.

いつも走り回る大好きな場所でも 今日は走らずじっと遠くをみつめたりしてたKaiyaさん

I had a couple of hours in between the work in the afternoon 

so we went out to take a long walk!

We did power walk for 90 min. That was a good exercise!


1時間半みっちり歩いて いい運動になったぁ!

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