Sunday, February 4, 2018

Sunny Sunday / 晴れの日曜日 Feb. 04

Beautiful day!!!

Somehow a day like this when the sun is shining gets colder than usual but thanx to the sun.  Didn't feel colder...actually, I felt warm even ;)


太陽が出てる時はなぜか気温が低いけど 太陽のおかげで暖かくさえ感じる〜!


Kaiya (left)                        Mato (right)

Kids found something smelled good in the bushes...they were sniffin' sniffin' and sniffin'...didn't run around at all.

Mommy was bored not being able to see them running and not being able to take photos of them running :(

I whistled to call them back.

The first one who immediately came back was Mato who loves mommy so much, doesn't wanna be away from mommy too long except when he finds small animals to chase after :p

なんか草むらで 何か気になる臭いがあったらしく クンクンばっかりで せっかくここに来たのに 走り回らない お2人。

マミー 走ってる姿が見れないし 写真撮れなくてつまんないから 口笛吹いて呼んでみた〜。


Kaiya was into smelling around too much but eventually came back, too ;)

臭いに夢中になってたKaiyaさん 遅ればせながら戻って来た〜。

Daddy and I went shopping in the afternoon.

When we were at Gamla Stan, old town, it started to snow a bit.


オールドタウンに行って来たんだけど チラチラ雪が降って来た〜。

Within 5 minutes, it's got harder but it stopped soon.

Snow falling on a sunny day ;p

5分後にはチラチラが がっつりになったけど またすぐ止んだ〜。


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