Friday, February 23, 2018

Mommy's got good news / マミーのグッドニュース Feb. 22

I had a day off due to the doctor appointment this morning.

Little over a year ago, I hurt my right arm or I should say shoulder area.

Finally, I had a MRI scan and what we found out was raptured bicep tendon.

So I got a referral to an orthopedist and today was the day to see him.

I was told that I might need a surgical procedure.  Which is why I was little nervous.

And on the way to the hospital, I dropped my phone and the screen got cracked.... :((((

When I got off from the bus, the place was too huge and didn't know where to find the reception.

I was almost late for the appointment...nothing felt right but eventually I got good news.

The doctor told me that I don't need a surgery :))

It's been too long since it's got raptured...if I were to get a surgery, they have to cut my arm open wider than it should and it would give me much more unnecessary pain.

He examined me and said that I have a good shoulder so as long as I listen to my body well, he won't restrain me from anything, meaning I can do weight training, bouldering, and any kinds of sport.

There's really nothing to worry.  As far as my daily life goes, there's no pain.  It's only when I work out, I feel some discomfort or tiny pain.  And this pain can be gone after two years is what doctor said.  So let's hope that!

今日はマミー病院のアポイントメントがあったので 仕事休み〜。

一年以上前に怪我した右上腕から肩 この間ついにMRIを撮って その結果どうやら上腕二頭筋健断裂(ってのかな?)らしく 紹介状が出て今日は整形外科へ。

断裂した部分をくっつける手術になるかもって言われてたから 緊張しながら病院へ出発。

したら 電車に乗る前にスマホ落として 画面にヒビが入るというアクシデント(泣)

気分最悪で 初めて行く広い病院を迷いそうになりながら なんとか時間ギリで到着。 

結果から言うと 手術はしなくていいことに(*´∀`*)

時間がたちすぎてるから 手術すると余計開かなきゃいけないし余計な痛みを伴うけど 私の肩はしっかりしているから 自分の体が言うことを聞いてれば 制限しなくても今までと同じように運動しても大丈夫って言い切られた!(笑) やっほーい!

ぶっちゃけ今では普通の生活する限りでは なんの痛みもないし不自由はなくて ウェイトトレーニングや運動するときに 不快もしくは弱い痛みを感じるくらいだから ご心配いりませんよぉ〜!

この弱い痛みも2年を過ぎるとなくなることもあることも ってドクターが言ってたから そう願います(^ ^)

Well, we took a long walk with Chili and Carina this morning before I went to the hospital.

We were at our favorite field but they didn't run much.

Everyone was busy sniffing around ;p

さてさて 今朝は病院に行く前に シリィと長いお散歩へ行ってきたよぉ〜!

みんなで いつもの空き地に行ったけど あんまり走って遊ばないヒトタチ。


Someone was about to fall asleep after we came home.

帰ってきたら おねむ〜。


  1. マミーは、不死鳥!でも、身体は、いつもいたわりましょう。

    1. あはははははは!年には勝てねぇ〜(笑)サンクス〜!