Saturday, February 24, 2018

Can't take eyes off... / 釘づけ Feb. 24

Woke up to sunshine this morning and felt so good!...though outside was bit colder than usual...-10°c

Somehow I got up early...well, why not take a walk early as well on Saturday morning!

太陽出て 気分のいい朝〜!なのに外はマイナス10度〜。

週末なのに早くに起きちゃったから そのまま散歩だぁ!

Mato (left)                  Kaiya (right)

Mato (left)                  Kaiya (right)

Kaiya (left)                 Mato (right)

Mato (left)                  Kaiya (right)

Kaiya (left)             Mato (right)

Kaiya (left)            Mato (right)

Kaiya (left)               Mato (right)

On the way home, when we were passing the small woods, both Kaiya and Mato looked up and stared something.

I looked up, too, and there was....that.

帰りに通った林の中で 急に上を見上げて見つめ始めたKaiya&Mato。


Do you see it?   In about the center of the photo there's a squirrel.

Mato lost his interest quicker and started to sniff around again but that didn't happen to Kaiya.

Just like the last time we saw one, Kaiya sat there and fixated.

We were in the shadow and very cold.  It took time to get her moving...

Freezing for mommy again. lol

わかったかな? ↑写真の真ん中ら辺にいるリス。

Matoは暫くしたらまた周りをクンクンしてリスへの興味は薄れたんだけど Kaiyaさんは別(^^;)

前もリス見たとき動かなくなったけど 今日も。

全然目を離さず 座ってずーっと見つめてた。



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