Monday, January 29, 2018

Snow is back! / また雪〜!  Jan. 29  

Rainy today.

The temperature dropped in the evening and the rain changed into snow.


夕方は気温が下がったから ちょっと雪に変わってた〜。

We took a walk with Chilli this morning.


In the evening, when I was chilling on the couch, somebody, I guess you know who, used my arm as a pillow and took a nice long nap.

晩はこの通り。ソファでゴロンしてたら 人の腕を枕にしてスヤスヤMato。

Kaiya, on the other hand, was taking a nap all by herself by my feet.

Kaiyaさんは私の足の方で 1人でくつろぎスヤスヤ。

Just came home from the night walk!

I guess it's been snowing quite a lot...the streets were covered in white and it's still snowing! ;)))

今 夜の散歩から帰って来たよ!

結構降ってたらしくて 雪少し積もってたよぉ〜!そしてまだまだ降ってる( ´∀`)

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