Saturday, January 27, 2018

Determined girl / 意志の強い子 Jan. 26

Somehow Kaiya was very determined. 

While I was trying to decide where to take the walk in the morning , Kaiya decided it for me instead ;p

On the night walk, she even chose the way we seldom go to.

I was very impressed that she remembered all the streets and where to turn and all that.

Usually both Kaiya and Mato sniff here and there and everywhere which can slow down our walk but it wasn't the case.

We had really good power walks which were really good exercises for me since I had a long day at work.

なんだか どこを歩きたいかはっきりしていたKaiya。



しっかり道を覚えていて 大したもんだ。

しかも いつもはこっちをクンクン あっちをクンクン 臭いを嗅ぎまくりなのに トコトコどんどん歩くKaiyaアンドMato。

今日は一日中仕事で運動できなかったから 仕事前の朝の散歩も 仕事後の夜の散歩もいい感じにパワーウォークできてよかったぁ〜( ´∀`)

Photos are from morning walk.


Kaiya (left)                            Mato (right)


Kaiya           Mato (front)


Mato has no fear.  Ice seemed very thin but he was already on the ice when I realized.  You made me nervous, Mato!!!


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