Friday, January 19, 2018

ouch...paws... / イタイイタイ Jan. 19

The first excitement of the day was playing with Shimba!!!!

朝1で シンバ〜〜〜〜!!!!

Then Chilli!!!!

そして 久しぶりの シリィ〜〜〜〜!!!

I totally think Kaiya gets happier seeing Carina than Chilli...sorry Chilli no offence.

Kaiya doing her ritual giving tons of kisses to her favorite Carina! ;)))



Afternoon walk was with mommy again!

It was such a nice weather earlier with the sun out and all.  I tried to come home early to take a walk but it was already getting dark that I couldn't take any good photos... :(((

Please enjoy the blurry photos ;p


太陽が出ていいお天気だったから なるべく早めに帰って来て散歩に出たけど やっぱりもう暗くなり始めて 全然いい写真撮れなかった〜( ;  ; )

Mato (left)              Kaiya (right)

Mato (left)              Kaiya (right)

Kaiya (left)                           Mato (right)

Mato (left)              Kaiya (right)

Kaiya (left)                   Mato (right)

Mato (left)              Kaiya (right)

I thought we could do a little longer walk so we went farther but we went too took so much time to go back than I thought.

Unfortunately, we walked over where they spread the salt to melt the snow and ice on the street....Kaiya and Mato started limping a bit...:(((

I wiped their paws every time they pulled up their feet and carried them for a while to ease the burning.

I am so sorry guys... mommy's gonna be very careful to choose where we walk from now on.

Anyways, we power-walked home and finished our 2 and a half hour walk ;)

ちょっといつもより長めの散歩にしようと 遠くまで来たはいいけど 遠くまで来すぎちゃった・・・戻るのにめっちゃ時間がかかった〜。

しかも 道路の雪や氷を溶かす塩がまかれてるとこを歩いてしまったらしく KaiyaもMatoも途中で足をあげてた・・・(>_<)

ちょいちょい足を拭いてあげたり 抱えて歩いたりして 少ししたら楽になったみたいでよかったぁ。

ごめんなぁ 次からはもっと慎重に道を選ぶからなぁ〜!

ってことで 最後はパワーウォークで2時間半のお散歩を終えましたとさ。


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