Sunday, January 14, 2018

Change the plan / 予定変更 Jan. 13

Hey everyone!

Here's today's super good looking Kaiya (right) and also super good looking Mato (left)... sorry guys, mommy loves these babies too much ;p



We were planing to go to our favorite place to run wild but there were always someone or some dogs...couldn't let them off the leash to play freely...

So we did some exercises using nose for a change ;)

I didn't bring anything for "nose work" so all we did was an easy search.  I hide some treats and they find them.

Both of them love to eat, like mommy does,  so this exercise is piece of cake for them ;p

今日も元気よく散歩に繰り出して いつものお気に入りの場所で走り回る予定だったけど 常に他のワンチャンやら人やらがいて 結局思いっきり走って遊ぶことができなかった〜。 

今日は趣向を変えて 鼻を使って運動〜。

何にも持ってきてなかったから 隠したトリートを探す 簡単な遊びだけどね。

マミーに似てみんな食いしん坊だから けっこー早く見つけちゃうんだよぉ〜w

I guess I haven't shown you Kaiya's rolling for a while, have I?  She hasn't forgotten it.  She still does this time to time :)  Today was on the ice.

んでもって Kaiyaさん 氷の上で ゴロゴロゴロリ~ン♪

Then Mato started to try digging on that ice.

その氷の上で ホリホリするMato。

It seems like Kaiya doesn't want him to do it on her favorite ice. lol


On the way home.  This is our neighborhood. 

Kaiya can do heel but Mato goes little too fast... :(


Kaiyaさんはちゃんと横か後ろ歩くけどね Matoさん先走っちゃうのよね(´∀`; )


  1. KAIYAもMATOも、好きなトリートを探す様子は、真剣そのもの!マミーのトリートはどうだった?

    1. 食べ物になると目が光るのだ!マミーと同じなのだ(⌒▽⌒)笑
      んでもって マミーのトリートは一番なのだ!♪( ´▽`)