Sunday, October 15, 2017

Pella's birthday / ペラの誕生日 Oct. 14

I was gonna take a break from a restless day...lay down and spread out the news paper in front of me.

These two were too adorable.  I had to take a photo :)))))

休憩〜って ゴロンってして新聞でも読もうかしてたら・・・


Mato  (left)               Mommy               Kaiya (right)

Kaiya doesn't usually stay too close too long...but this boy is pretty much always besides me ;))

Kaiyaはいつまでも近くにいないヒトだけど Matoはいっつもマミーの近く。

We visited Simba in the evening!

Mato playing with Per-

Simba & Kaiya

Pella turns 20 on Monday so we had early birthday dinner together and had also a cake :))))

お姉ちゃんのペラの誕生日(本当は月曜だけど)。みんなでご飯食べて ケーキも食べたよぉ〜!

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