Saturday, October 14, 2017

Nose work (step.2) 3 / ノーズワーク(ステップ2) 3 Oct. 10

We had the last class of the Nose Work step 2.

On the way there in the train.  Looks like Mato's ready to do it! ;)

At first, we had four different type of search with only using laurel: glass containers on the floor, plastic containers on the floor, magnets on the fridge, and lined tea infusers on the rope.

This lined tea infuser search was the most difficult one!

The target odor is in one of the tea infusers and because the odor spreads in the air, everyone was having hard time finding the target!


この茶こしは難しかったぁ〜!網だから臭いが空気中に広がって ターゲット臭の元にたどり着くのが困難になるらしく みんな悪戦苦闘してた。

We also did some search outside.


Little lecture time.


Now we are completed the Step 2.  Maybe we can take Step 3 class later but now I think we gonna practice at home for a while :)

It was really fun and nice experience for Mato, too ;)))

これでステップ2終了〜!暫くはうちで練習してもっともっとうまくなるぞ〜!ステップ3のクラスは後々ね(^ ^)

なかなか楽しかった!Matoもクラスに通っていい経験ができてよかった( ^∀^)

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