Thursday, October 5, 2017

Nose work (step.2) 2 / ノーズワーク(ステップ2) 2 Oct. 03

Time for Nose work!!

The first half of the class, we did some exercises with the eucalyptus odor as last time.



One of the exercises to find the target odor in one of the 4 containers.

Then we moved on to the new target odor, laurel.  

At first, we each got a little container which had the target odor inside.  When the dogs sniff on it, then we gave them treat.  Just like the exercise we did in the very first class of the Step 1.

After doing it for 2 sets of 10 reps, we practiced the line up method with new odor.


ステップ1のクラスで一番最初にやったみたいに 容器にターゲット臭を入れて それをクンクン嗅いだらご褒美の繰り返しの10回を2セットほどして ラインアップ法で月桂樹の匂い当て!

You know, I'm amazed how quickly dogs learned what to do.  Since we've already been through the steps with eucalyptus, most of the dogs found the target oder without problem after we'd changed it to laurel.

Which includes Mato.  Mato found it easily and told me clearly which one it was :)))


ちゃんと何をするのかしっかり理解できてて ターゲット臭が変わってもみんなちゃんと当てることができてた〜!

もちろんMatoもしっかりターゲット臭を見つけて教えてくれたよ( ^∀^)

I left Kaiya at Simba's while we were gone for the class.

Simba's human brother Per was playing in the soccer game in the evening.  Mato and I went there directly after the class and reunited with Kaiya ;)))


シンバの人間の兄弟ペールのサッカーの試合があったから 私とMatoはクラスの後そこに直行して Kaiyaたちと合流〜!
Mato (left)                 Kaiya (right)

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