Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Walking in the town / 町歩き Mar.21

We took a train to see daddy at work in the town and walked back home.

Kaiya was totally relaxed in the train lying down.

Mato was distracted sniffing and looking around.

Mato hasn't been on the train many times that everything's almost new to him.

It's getting warm and we need to expand our walk range to see and get used to all kinds of things :)

電車に乗って仕事中のダディに会いに町まで行って 散歩しながら家に帰ったよぉ〜。

Kaiya 電車余裕。伏せしちゃってリラックス。

Mato 色々気になる。クンクン キョロキョロ。


だんだん暖かくなって来たから 行動範囲を広げていろんなものに慣れるトレーニングしないとな(*'▽'*)

It was little harder work than I thought it would be.

There was a big noise and Kaiya got scared pulling me to get as far away as possible.

Mato was into everything especially all the dogs who were passing by pulling me in order to get close to them.

They both lacked concentration :(

Though they got used to the surroundings and we were able to have a nice walk at the end in the town.

久しぶりの街散歩だったから 大変だったぁ〜。

なんだか大きな音がして Kaiyaはガクブルで引っ張るし Matoは通りすがる他のワンちゃんやら色々なものに興味ありすぎて引っ張るし 集中力低めなお2人。




Beautiful sunset !


Mato in the front                     Kaiya in the back

Mato                                                                           Kaiya

Mato                                                    Kaiya