Sunday, March 12, 2017

Stepping back Mato / 後ずさりMato Mar.12

I really wanna sleep in on weekends...but these two never let me :p

They wake me up at the usual time.

The evil thing is that they only wake me up in the morning not daddy!!!  They know that daddy's not a morning person. lol

I got up and was getting ready very slowly...and they gave me this look with pure pressure... "MOMMY, LET'S GO FOR A WALK."

週末はちょっと寝坊したいところだけど この2人にいつもの時間に起こされるマミーです。

2人ともわかってて ダディーじゃなくて マミーをいつも起こす(笑)

今朝も起こされて トロトロ支度をしてったら 散歩の催促な2人。

Mato                                                       Kaiya      
Mommy, aren't you ready yet??
マミー 散歩まだ??

Yappi, we are finally out!

It wasn't super fine day like yesterday but it felt good being outside.  It's kind a day to have a nice and slow walk.


昨日ほど天気は良くなかったけど 気持ちがいいから今朝はゆっくり散歩しよぉ〜っと。

                       Kaiya             Mato

I thought about a slow walk but I didn't say to stop...

For some reason, Kaiya sat down.

I guess she wanted to sunbathe??

ゆっくりとは思ってたけど 止まれとは言ってぞ・・・。



Mato                                                Kaiya                                     

Hey Kaiya and Mato!  Aren't we walking yet?

Kaiya〜Mato〜 まだ行かないの???

Mato                                        Kaiya                                        

Oh well, you know, it felt very nice in the sun even though the temperature wasn't that high so I sat as well to have a little break.

Then of course, Kaiya came and sat right in front of me her back towards me as she always did when she wanted me to pet her.

I was petting Kaiya as she requested and we all were chilling when this crow flew down about ten meters away from us...

気温は低かったけど 日向で気持ちよかったから 私も一緒になってお座りしたら いつものことながら Kaiyaが "撫でて〜" って私の前に背中を向けて座り込んできた〜(笑)

みんなで日向ぼっこ休憩してたら あっちに1羽のカラスが・・・。

Mato usually gets excited and tries to run to them when he sees other kinds of birds but not this time, he stepped back. lol

He'd actually drawn back already before this video was taken to where he was in the video ;))

On the other hand, Kaiya was...

他の種類の鳥なら 狩るのか?ってくらいの勢いでそばに行きたがるのに このカラスには 後ずさり(笑)

この動画の前に既に後ずさりして この位置まで来てて さらに後ずさりしたMatoくんでした(笑)


Nothing but crowds and fireworks scares Kaiya ;p


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