Thursday, March 2, 2017

Good morning! / おっはよぉ〜! Mar.01

This morning.  I got up, went to bathroom, brushed teeth, washed my face and came back to the bedroom.

Tadaaaa!  These two were claiming the bed.

It's totally fine, guys.  Then I can avoid myself back on the bed and sleep again.

You know what.  It's actually guys are too cute, I wanna lie down together with you guys!!! :p

今朝はバスルームから寝室に戻ったら ベッドが占領されてた(笑)

二度寝防止にはいいかもしれない この占領。

いや・・・可愛すぎて 一緒にまた横になりたくなったぁ(^^;)

Mato                      Kaiya



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  1. ベッドの上のKaiya、目が点だね... Mato~!!