Thursday, June 9, 2016

Lack of exercise

I found one of my jeans that was hanged had a hole

which I could clearly see that it was chewed by Kaiya.

Lack of exercise...immediately it came to my mind.

She usually doesn't chew clothes or anything but her bones and toys.

Probably she was frustrated not getting enough of her usual workout.

Well, I felt much better today.

Although I coughed a little time to time,

we started to take long walks again!

These are her sprints today :)))

なんだかんだ言って しばらくあんまり相手してあげてなかったから



掛けといたジーンズ噛んで穴あけられちゃってたのを今朝発見(⌒-⌒; )


風邪もだいぶ良くなったんで バシバシ散歩行くぞ!

ってことで 今日の走りっぷり。

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  1. ひっさしぶりだ~ マッハだ~ マッハ マッハ マッハワン Kaiya~!!