Wednesday, April 27, 2016


Daddy's relatives came to Sweden to visit us today!

They are staying here for the next 2 weeks.

Well, a lot of people came to see them, too!

Had dinner together and the apartment was packed.

Kaiya was little too overwhelmed.

She barked a bit at the beginning since she's a shy girl.

But soon she got used to them.

She wasn't fully comfortable being around them but found her way to be calm, I guess.

And her favorite uncle Kay came, too!

She must've been really happy and also exhausted at the same time today :p




みんなでご飯食べたりして ワイワイだったけど

シャイなKaiyaさん どうしたらいいもんだか

最初ちょっと吠えちゃったりしたけど だんだん慣れてきた〜。


嬉しかったり びっくりしたりで きっと疲れただろうなぁ(^^;)

During the walk, Kaiya was sooooooo slow!!!!! :(

She sniffed around all the time and we couldn't walk as fast as I wanted.


匂い嗅ぎまくりで 先に進まない・・・。

One of the reasons she was slow was the new harness that I got for her.

The one we already had was little too big for her so I bought a smaller size

and it finally arrived yesterday.

But I don't think she likes it.

Probably it feels weird and she suddenly stops and sits.

あと 前のハーネスはサイズが大きいことが判明したから

合ってるサイズのを買って 昨日届いたから使ってみたけど


I thought something like this would happen.

I had the collar in my pocket.

Reluctantly I put the collar on her and took off the harness.

Of course, she started to walk.

Stubborn kid!!

You gotta get used to it eventually, Kaiya!

こんなこともあろうだろうと いつものカラーも持ってきてたから


したら なんとか歩き始めた。(笑)

まったく 頑固なやつめ!

まっ 徐々に慣れようなぁ〜!

She was again slow on the afternoon walk.

Damnit, she sat down again!


また座り込み始まったぁ〜 って思ったら

Ah! She was just looking at that birdie! lol


But still she's slow after that birdie flew away.

I gotta do something to make her walk!

I decided to train her as we walked.

Trying little commands like heel, stop, right and left touch,

also some agility stuff when there were something she could jump on,

(also getting a big help from reward treats)

I made her little stimulated and she picked up the pace.

Distance wise, we didn't walk a lot but it was a looooooong walk!

まぁ それでもやっぱりハーネス抗議のスローな動き。


ヒールなどの歩き方のトレーニングやら アジリティ的なトレーニングやらを


Kaiyaの気分を持ち上げて 散歩続行!


しかし 全然距離歩いてないのに 長い散歩だったなぁ〜(笑)

Being shy.  Hiding under the table and lying by me,
シャイなKaiyaさん 私の足元で避難中(笑)

I wonder if her neck is ok like
I bet you are really beat.  Take a good rest Kaiya!
まぁ 疲れたのね。ゆっくりおやすみ〜!


  1. この目が良いでしょう~ シャイなKaiyaさんでした。