Friday, April 8, 2016

Pleasant surprise!

Guess who we bumped into this morning!?


It's been too long!!!

Both Kaiya and I were happy to see both Chilli and his mom Carina!

She was also very happy to see us too!!!

There were other dog friends around and they all played together in the park!

今朝はなんとなんとぉ ちょ〜久しぶりにシリィに会ったぁ!!!

他にも友達がいて 公園でみんなで遊んだよぉ〜!

The weather today was very annoying...

First of all, it was blowing so much.

All the sudden, it got dark covered with dark clouds and started to rain.

5 minutes later the dark clouds cleared up and it became sunny.

And pretty much whole day it repeated this over and over and over...

Weird...but this is typical Swedish April weather, I guess.

Well, in this strange weather, Kaiya and I went out to take a walk in the afternoon.

It's daddy who usually takes Kaiya out in the afternoon but today is me!

We were lucky because mostly it was sunny and 

even if it rained, it didn't rain that much while we were on the walk.

There weren't many people outside so I let her off the leash

and we enjoyed a nice and calm walk!

今日は変な天気で 強い風は吹いてるわ

急に暗くなって雨が降ったと思ったら 5分後には雲が晴れて太陽が出てくる

ってのの繰り返しで なんだかよくわらかない一日だった(^^;)

だけど これがスウェーデンの典型的な4月の天気なんだよねぇ〜


そんな中 午後の散歩はいつものダディと じゃなくて久しぶりに私とぉ!!

散歩の時はパラパラ雨が降った時もあったけど だいたいが晴れてたからラッキー!


I took the night walk with Kaiya, too!

Daddy didn't had any walk with Kaiya at all today!

Kaiya was with me all the time :)

Anyways, she looks tired now.

Night night everyone!

夜のお散歩も私とで 今日は全部のお散歩マミーとでした!

ってなことでみなさん オヤミミなさぁい!


  1. 天気が変わるのは、北欧の神オーディンが移動するからだよ、ほら水に映っているのがマミーに見えるかな Kaiya~!!

    1. オーディン!!!まじかい!! すげぇ〜! Kaiya〜!!