Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Sunny day in the woods

Yesterday I only worked during the evening 

so after we were done with the morning walk,

I cleaned the whole apartment and then I was reading and chilling.

Kaiya came up to me in the living room and whined.

I was like, "You already had your meal."

Then she went away and then came back again whining.

Hmm? Then I realized she went to the front door.

Oh, it's an emergency call!

Come to think of it, I remembered she'd had little runny poop since the previous night.

We ran outside and decided to have little early afternoon walk.

Well, I know it was an emergency so I followed her to let her do her business.

Intentionally or unintentionally, she sort of lead us to the woods.

We were there before we knew it.

It was such a nice weather, we'd just have fun in the woods then :)

I let her off the leash this time but the other side of the woods 

from where we often encountered rabbits.

I had Kaiya on the leash all the time lately in this particular woods

because she went crazy chasing rabbits every time and not listened to me.

I thought it was time to challenge and train her to listen to me more, 

or train myself to observe her more 

and prevent her going into those situations where she would not listen.

It went pretty good actually.

I called her back when she wanted to go to the other side of the woods

and she listened and came back! :)

昨日は夕方出勤だったので 朝の散歩を終えて 掃除して


Kaiyaさんが クンクン鳴いてる・・・





で ついて行ってみたら 玄関の前に。

あっ 外に行きたいんだ!

前の晩から ちょっとお腹ゆるかったからな。

急いで支度して そのまま午後の散歩へ!

したら そのまま森へ連行された(笑)

確かにお腹のトラブルだったけど なんかうまくはめられた気が・・・。

まぁ 天気もいいし 散歩を楽しんできたけど(^^)

なんか せっかくだから 昨日は森でノーリードにした。

最近ウサギいっぱいだし ウサギ見つけるとすぐ言うこと聞かなくなるから

森ではリードつけてたけど いつもウサギが出る反対側で様子を見ることに。

そっちに行きそうになったら 呼び戻して いい子なKaiyaさんでした!

When she knows she gets something if she comes back,
she comes to me with this huge smile on her. lol

I got some cool photos of her yesterday!

She found or saw something and as soon as she started
to run, I shouted "STOP!"
What a good girl, she listened and stopped but eyes on
the direction she was gonna go. :)
すかさず "STOP!!"

Put the leash on and came down to the other side of the
wood.  She can't resist goin in there. :p
自由時間終了して 今度はリードつけて

She usually gets scared easily and be cautious of
everything but when she's after something
she's brave as hell.
Not even a slight hesitation to go into this narrow space.
ビビリなのに と言うか
何か獲物を追ってる時は ずかずか

Too far in Kaiya, please come back!!

The last highlight is of course digging by the water :p

Lately, the sun is out a lot and very bright.  When Kaiya gets the
sunlight on herself, her coat looks very beautiful with many colors
you don't usually see.
Around the tail, when it gets the right amount of light,
it really looks crimson...unfortunately it's too difficult to see
on the photo.
最近 太陽が出て明るいからKaiyaの毛の色がすごく綺麗。
普段は基本黒く見えるのに 光が当たるとすごくたくさんの


  1. 赤くてたくさん色があるしっぽの写真よろしく Kaiya~!!

    1. はいはぁ〜い! Kaiya〜!!