Thursday, December 31, 2015

Not again...

This morning we went to the usual place to have Kaiya's running time.

We saw someone there not just walking through the park but doing something...

It felt little weird and Kaiya was being cautious, too, so we waited until the guy went away.

When I took the leash off, she was still on the alert and didn't run at all.

今朝もいつもの静かな公園へ走りに行ったら 誰かがいるのが遠くから見えた

でもこの人公園を歩いてるんじゃなくて なんかしてるなぁ

ちょっと不審な感じ Kaiyaも警戒してじっと見て動ここうとしない

やっとその人が行っちゃっから 放してあげたら

Kaiyaさんまだ警戒してるらしくて 全然走んなかった

Since she didn't have good running exercise, I decided to change the place

and let her have little more time to run.

And yes, a rabbit went near by me and Kaiya after it...

This place is not far away from the residential area and big streets.

I really really wanted her to come back but she wasn't listening.

And then a man was walking by the side walk along the little wood where we were.

He started to shout at me that I shouldn't be letting the dog off the leash and blah blah blah...

Of course, Kaiya sensed that the man was not really a dog friendly person 

or she thought he was offending me

so she started to bark at him... :(

She was constantly moving and I had to run after her 

and she got really really close to the big street...

I finally got her before she reached there.

Oh I scolded scolded scolded her so much.

You got the exercise alright, but you are grounded again, Kaiya.

ってことで全然運動にならなかったから 場所を変えることに

そしたら まただよ・・・

ウサギくんが近くを走り抜けて そのあとをKaiyaが走り抜けてった・・・

ここは住宅街が近いし 大通りもそんなに遠くないとこにあるから

早く戻って欲しかったけど なかなか近くまで来ない!


犬をノーリードにするな!なんちゃらなんちゃら って叫んできたし

したらKaiyaさん このおじさんがあんまり犬好きじゃないと悟ったのか



常に動き回ってるKaiya なかなか近くまで行けない



運動はできたけど また罰としてノーリードは暫くなし!


  1. KAIYA、今日は色々あったけど、マミーに叱られて一件落着かな?

    1. かなり怒られたけどねぇ〜(^_^;)

  2. なんちゃら かんちゃら やめて~ Kaiya~!!

    1. そうだ そうだ KAIYA〜!!