Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Meeting her friends always makes Kaiya happy!

We met Robin this morning at the dog park!
It's been a long time!

A while later Raiya came, too!

Both Robin and Raiya are much older than Kaiya.

Kaiya wanted to run and play hard but they weren't in the mood for it :p

But I saw the smile on Kaiya's face.

It didn't matter if she got to play with them or not,

She was very happy just to see them! :)

今朝はドッグランで ちょー久しぶりにロビン君に会ったよぉ〜!

しばらくしたら ライヤも来た!



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  1. マミー どうしよう ロビンもライヤも固まってるけど Kaiya~!!