Sunday, June 3, 2018

Too hot to walk long / 暑くて長いお散歩できない Jun. 02


According to the forecast, it was gonna reach up to 30°C...I wonder if it really got that hot.

Born in the middle of the summer, I, mommy, love summer and hot weather.

Though having so much sore because of the hard work out at the gym the day before yesterday, I stayed home lying around except taking walks with kids and going to work😑


予報では30度いくって言ってたけど 本当にいったんかな?

真夏に生まれた 夏女のマミーだけど 一昨日ジム行って足とお尻の筋トレしすぎて 筋肉痛がひどいから こんなに絶好な天気なのに仕事と散歩以外 家でのほほ〜んとしてたよ😑

This boy kept me company 😁




When it's hot like this, we don't take a long walk.  Walk faster and get home asap😅

暑いときのお散歩はチャチャチャッと歩いて 早めに切り上げ〜😅

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