Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Don't you remember? / 覚えてないの? Jun. 05

One of my friends, Mimi, came from Japan yesterday and we had a lunch together!

After lunch, we all had a walk together.

Kaiya had met her about 3 years ago when she came to Stockholm once.  Don't you remember her, Kaiya??

Yep.  She forgot her. lol

As soon as I brought her home, she started to bark as I expected. :p

But she seemed to got used to being around her when we started taking a walk.



Kaiyaさんは ミミに3年くらい前に1度会ったことがあるんだけど 覚えてないかなぁ?・・・


家に来た途端 案の定吠えまくり〜(笑)


At the end of the walk, Kaiya was totally fine.  Mimi even had her leash walked with her!

Mimi is such a sweet girl who loves dogs like mommy does.  That's why when she was holding Kaiya's leash walking her, she was super glad :))

We really had a great time.

Visit us again soon, Mimi!

最後の方では ミミがKaiyaのリード持って歩いても 平気でいい子に歩けた〜。




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