Thursday, June 28, 2018

The butts / The お尻 Jun. 27

Aren't they cute butts?? 

They don't usually stand this close to each other but since they were fixated on a dog and didn't care if they were so close, the butts were next each other❤️


向こうにいる犬をガン見するあまり 仲良く並んだお尻たち❤️

It was hot today.

A bit before four in the afternoon when we took off to take a walk, it was up to 28 °C.


夕方4時ちょい前くらいに散歩に出た時は 28度まで上がってた。

Mato jumped up on a tree.


Kaiya, too.


We see many bird families with little babies almost everyday lately.  Today it wasn't swans nor ducks...I'm not sure what kind of birds they were.

Anyways, Kaiya was watching them on the other side of the river and didn't seem like she was moving any time soon.  So we sat down and took a break.

最近毎日のように鳥の親子を見るけど 今日は白鳥でもカモでもない なんて種類の鳥さんだろ。

向こう岸にいるベイビーちゃんたちに釘付けで動かないから ちょっとここで休憩。

Mato, on the other hand, wasn't interested in the birds but wanted to just go forwards.

Matoは休憩しないで 早く行きたそうな感じ。

Hahaha, big yawn.

Mato (left)                       Kaiya (right)

Mato (left)                       Kaiya (right)

While we were taking a walk, we heard a lot of screams and shouts from everywhere.

Later I found out that there was a World Cup football match, Sweden vs Mexico.

No wonder there weren't a lot of cars nor people on the streets, when we came back to near our apartment around half passed five.  It felt like quiet Saturday or Sunday morning.

By the way, Sweden won, 3-0.

散歩中 いろんなところから 叫び声が聞こえてくるから 何かと思ったら ちょうどW杯のスェーデン対メキシコの試合があったらしい。

17時半くらいに家の前の通りまできたら 全然車が通ってないし人もあんまり通ってないしで 週末の朝みたいだったわけだ。

3ー0でスウェーデン勝ったらしいよ(^ ^)


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