Saturday, November 7, 2015

All walks with Mommy :)

Kaiya gave me this look this morning...

like saying "Mommy, forget putting make-up on and just take me out already" lol

Well well well, I had to hurry up getting ready for this girl 

and we were out for one-hour power walk!

今朝は この "マミー 化粧とかどーでもいいから 早く外連れてって" の顔で

散歩を催促されながら 急いで仕度をして1時間の散歩へレッツゴー!

Took off the leash at the park-like open space.

She had a little cardio time :)

ちょいちょいリード外してはげたら ちょいちょい走ってたKaiyaさん(^^)

I decided to walk Kaiya in the afternoon instead of daddy.

We are going for a long one, Kaiya!

It's been a long coming this park.

And she got excited and ran a lot as she used to do here!

今日の午後の散歩は 私が行くことにしたので長い散歩だぁぁぁ!

久しぶりにこの公園きたけど うれしそうにKaiya走ってた〜!

She picked up a long stick and started pressing it against me...

Alright alright! I'll hold it for you!

.....she loves to play tug of war and destroy the stick :p

どこからか長い棒拾ってきて 私に押し付けてきたぞ〜

はいはぃ 引っ張りっこするのに 持ってもらいたいのね(^^;)

It's not that big but we found nice woods!

Go run now Kaiya!

そんなに広くないけど いい林見つけた!



Look at this photo!

It was too dark and Kaiya was too fast.

Kaiya became black blurry weird thing.  lol


暗い中 Kaiyaがあまりにも早く走るから 心霊写真みたいになっちゃったよぉ〜www


And again with me on the night walk!

Time went so fast and we walked more than 1 hour before we knew it.

I had such good exercises today with Kaiya! :)

そして 夜のお散歩も今日は私と!




  1. 黄色い落ち葉のの中のKAIYAや、電車といっしょののKAIYAや、夜用の首輪をつけたKAIYAは、おもしろいね。

    1. 最近はどこもかしこも黄色い落ち葉で 覆われてるのだ!( ・∇・)

  2. 黄色い落ち葉のの中のKAIYAや、電車といっしょののKAIYAや、夜用の首輪をつけたKAIYAは、おもしろいね。