Sunday, October 12, 2014

K1 K2 K3

We went to see my friends yesterday!
We took trains and the bus and guess what!?  Kaiya can get on and off trains and buses by herself now!  Last time we took public transportation, I had to carry her otherwise she would not get on it by herself.  I'm proud of you, Kaiya!!


We went to the place called Bredäng which takes about 20 minutes from Stockholm central by the subway.  There was a walking trail in the nature near my friends' house, such a beautiful place.  Kaiya was happy, too.  I let her off the leash and as usual...she ran like crazy!


There was a dog park, too, with those play equipments... it would be fun to have those at the dog park we usually go to.


My friends' daughters Kanna, the big sister and Kaede, the little one.


She got a little overwhelmed by kids at first, climbed up my lap and asked for a help. But she got used to them real quick.  Whole the time she was behaving sooooo good at my friends' house.  It's good to be around kids and get used to them now when Kaiya is still a baby.


By the way, Kannna(K1), Kaede(K2) and Kaiya(K3), their names all start with K....we got soooo confused and calling wrong names all day long yesterday...LOL


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