Sunday, October 5, 2014

Big bro

A new friend Baltasar.  Kaiya was a bit scared at first but she got used to him quick. 
And guess what!? She was soooo happy! She was running around him begging to play with her while Baltasar was into chewing his stick. 
Eventually she stopped running, picked up a stick for her self and did the same thing as Baltsar :) 
It looks like she got a big brother!!

新しい友達, バルタサー。Kaiyaはやっぱ最初怖がってたけど, すぐ慣れた。
その後が大変。Kaiyaはちょーうれしかったんだろーね, 棒を噛んで楽しんでるバルタサーの回りををグルグル走りまわって, 遊ぼーってお願いしてた(笑)
最終的には, Kaiyaは諦めて, 自分も木の棒拾ってきてバルタサーと同じことをし始めた。

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