Sunday, April 29, 2018

Mommy's got jet lag / 時差ポケマミー Apr. 28

I've got bad jet lag...

I fell asleep early in the evening and woke up around 2 o'clock in the middle of the night.

Unfortunately, I couldn't go back to sleep.

Sorry or not sorry for Kaiya and Mato, they got to go for a morning walk real early.

We took off a tad before six and took the bus and the train to get to the dog park where we'd been to long time ago.


めっちゃ早い時間に寝落ちして 夜中の2時くらいに起きてしまった・・・。

それから眠れず KaiyaとMatoはその道ずれで  いつもより早い6時前にあさんぽに出発。

ふと思いついて 前に行った事ある ちょいと広めのドッグランへ バスと電車に乗って行ってきたよぉ〜。

It's early Saturday one's out :)))

週末の早い時間だから 全然人がいな〜い!

Got off at Åkeshov.


Walked along the rail track and there it is.

Since there's no snow any longer, Kaiya doesn't get excited and run like crazy at the dog park like she used to do.

Because this one is larger and not the one we usually go to, she got excited!  My plan worked ;))


雪がないから なかなかドッグランで走らないKaiyaさんだけど いつもの場所じゃないし広いから 今日はノリノリ😆

I'm not 100% sure because I wasn't fully paying attention to the guy by the fence there.

But I think he rammed into the  and this photo is the proof...sort of.

Watch out Mato, you can't go through the fence, you know ;p

多分 あの先にいるヒト(Mato) あのフェンスに突込んだと思うんだよね。




The weather was perfect.  We walked home.

I thought it was longer but it was only 6 km.

天気もいいし 帰りは歩いて帰ったよ〜。

結構あると思ったら 6kmくらいでしたw

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