Saturday, April 28, 2018

Heat / ヒート Apr. 27

I planed my trip to Japan including Kaiya's heat.

Her heat came yesterday, the day after I came back from Japan!

That explains why Chili was chasing after Kaiya yesterday.

I thought it would come soon or later but didn't expect this quick ;p

Kaiyaのヒートに合わせて日本に行ってたんだけど ドンピシャ。


昨日シリィがすごいKaiyaのあとを追い回してたから そろそろとは思ってたけど まさかこんなすぐにくるとは(笑)

I'm not sure if Kaiya's horny or just grooming but I caught them like this. LOL

Just by the look on Mato's face, I guess it feels good, right? ;p

なんか一緒に静かだと思ったら Kaiyaさんが毛づくろいなんだか なんだかをしてるのを発見😂


Ooops, you got me.


Extra photo because Mato looks too adorable.

ちょっとMatoの顔が可愛かったから おまけ写真。

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