Thursday, July 7, 2016

We were the only ones in the park!

It's a vacation season now in Sweden.

Kids have the summer break.

Most adults are taking a month vacation from work.

A lot of people are out of town going on trips or staying their summer houses.

Which gives us quiet and relaxed morning walks :)

The nearest park is usually occupied by a lot of kids from 

the kindergarten and the elementary school by the park.

Since the school is closed for the summer break,

there were almost nobody in the park this morning!

A morning like this, both Kaiya and I can enjoy the walk in the park

without the leash :)))


学校は休みだし 働いてる人も1ヶ月とか休暇をとって

旅行に行ったり サマーハウスに行ってる人が多いんだと思う。


近所の公園 隣接してる小学校&保育園の子供がいないから


今朝は ほとんど誰もいなかった。


Kaiyaも私もノーリードで公園散歩が楽しめるぅ( ^ω^ )