Sunday, February 21, 2016

Don't you tease mommy!

Somehow sleepyhead daddy woke up and took Kaiya out for a walk this morning.  :p

So I took a walk with Kaiya in the afternoon just before I went to work.

We went to the quiet park to have an off-the-leash time!

今朝は ダディがKaiyaを散歩に連れて行ってくれたので


いつもの静かな公園で ちょっと自由時間

This girl found something and picked it up.

I saw her eating it so I followed her...

"What are you eating Kaiya??"

She knew that she's not supposed to do that so she walked forward... :(((

Then she stopped, tuned back, looked at me and chewed the thing in her mouth

like she was showing me deliberately.

この娘 どこからか何かを拾い食いして 口をもぐもぐしてるから

"これこれ!何食べてるの〜?" と追いかけたら


少し先に行って 振り向いて 口をもぐもぐ

She walked forward a bit, stopped, turned back, and showed me chewing...

もう少し先に行って 口をもぐもぐ・・・

Teasing me for sure...bad girl... :p

She didn't come near me because she knew that she'd get scolded.  lol

完璧におちょくられた(´Д` )

怒られるのわかってるから しばらく近くにこないでやんの(笑)


  1. 雪の下にいっぱいあったんだ~いい物 マミーも一緒に~ もぐもぐ Kaiya~!!

    1. いい物じゃなぁい!! 拾い食いダメダメだよぉ Kaiya〜!!