Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Like mommy, like daughter

My vacation is over and today was the first day at work.  Kaiya had a first daddy and daughter day together.  They visited her friend Simba and played a lot.  When I came home, she was so exhausted that she didn't even get up.  When we moved her to our bed, she lay down on her favorite spot and peed!!!!!! She didn't even sit down!!!! How lazy is that!?...but I have to admit that she is definitely my baby.  She got that laziness from her mommy....(−_−;)

5週間の休暇も昨日で終わって, 今日が仕事始め。Kaiyaは, 初めてのパパ&娘デー。Kaiyaの友達シンバのところに行っていっぱい遊んで疲れたらしく, 帰ってきてもKaiyaは起きず, ちょっと寂しかった...。Kaiyaをベッドに移すといつもの好きなスポットに移動して寝転がるKaiya。おやすみのチューしたときに異変を感じ, なにかと思ったらいつのまにかおしっこしてた!!!!! 座らないで, 寝転がってそのまましたらしい(笑) このめんどくさがり屋なとこ...確実に私の娘です。(笑)

She tried to sleep on the sheet she made wet.

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