Sunday, November 16, 2014


Pac's mommy came back so he went home yesterday around noon.  We miss him already.
In the afternoon, all of us, Kaiya, daddy, and I, went for a long walk.  
We stopped at Bauhaus, a DIY retail store where Kaiya could come in together.  It seemed like everyone was getting ready for Christmas everywhere already.

パックのマミーが帰ってきたから, 昨日のお昼頃にパックはお家に帰っちゃった。ちょっとさみしいね。
午後は, Kaiya ダディ 私の3人でお散歩。
途中でBauhaus, ホームセンターにKaiyaも一緒に入れるから寄ってみた。

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