Saturday, February 3, 2018

Yappiii!! / イエ〜イ! Feb. 02

Daddy took Kaiya and Mato for the afternoon walk as usual before I came home from work today.

When I was on the train, I got some photos sent by daddy.

Whaaaaat!!!  Mato made some new friends.

One of them is a Shiba named Taro who lives very close.

Kaiya likes him so much and whenever she sees him, she can't help saying hi and playing with him.

Mato, on the other hand, started to growl and barked since Taro is a boy.  That's why we hadn't tried and let them play together.

But today they were in the same space together in the dog park.

What a pleasant progress.

Daddy says they weren't 100% comfortable to each other and we had to be little careful but it's only the first time.  I think if we can do this over and over, Mato's gonna be totally ok as it is with Chilli.

いつもの通り 私が仕事から帰って来る前にダディが午後の散歩に出てた今日。


ななな なんと! Matoが新しいお友達作ってたよぉ〜!


Kaiyaはこの子が大好きで タロの姿を見るとどうしても遊びたくて仕方ない感じになる。

Matoはと言うと どうしてもガウガウくんになりがちだったから まだ一緒に遊ばせたことはなかったんだ〜。

けど 今日は一緒にドッグランに入ってたよぉ〜!


ダディ曰く まだ100%安心できない感があるらしい けど 今日は最初だから これからドッグランで 一緒に遊ぶ回数増えていけば シリィみたいに 全然大丈夫になるっしょ〜。

This is a 5 months old boy named Frasse.

It went well with him, too :))


この子とも初だったみたいだけど 一緒に遊べたって〜!


  1. 柴犬のタロ と男の子のフラッセは、マミーの実家にいるヴィッキーとジェイににているなー。KAIYAとMATOが、こちらの二人と遊んでいる気がするよ。

    1. あははははは!そうだね!柴犬に黒犬で ビッキーとジェイだ!( ´∀`)